The GEOCUBE collection.
Designed by Carola Eckrodt.

It all started with four numbers: 2376 – Behind this unimposing item number hides the first piece in the GEOCUBE Collection, the timeless design classic from COEUR DE LION. The mother of all classics, one might say.

The appeal of the GEOCUBE Collection stems from a precise combination of clear shapes, vibrant materials and exciting contrasting colours. Thanks to its minimalist forms, the jewellery is able to play with even the most unusual colours.

Real highlights made from real gems.

In the anniversary year, only real gems are used for this version of the GEOCUBE collection: haematite, agate, tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, onyx, rose quartz, amazonite, carnelian, amethyst and jasper are combined with Swarovski® crystals and 316L stainless steel for exhilarating effect.

Artistic design reduced to its essence

Women all over the world cherish the GEOCUBE line for its timeless design that suits every occasion. In addition there is a variety of exciting revisions and updates to the original from 1999. Lovely to see that so much potential was hidden in such a simple idea.