The GEOCUBE® collection.
Designed by Carola Eckrodt.

It all started with four numbers: 2376 – Behind this unimposing item number hides the first piece in the GEOCUBE® Collection, the timeless design classic from COEUR DE LION. The mother of all classics, one might say.

The appeal of the GEOCUBE® Collection stems from a precise combination of clear shapes, vibrant materials and exciting contrasting colours. Thanks to its minimalist forms, the jewellery is able to play with even the most unusual colours.

GEOCUBE® 2018.
Real highlights made from real gems.

No two gems are the same. Combined with Carola Eckrodt’s clear, universal shapes, real gems make for a wonderful contrast which is particularly striking in the latest version of the classic GEOCUBE® design. In the models of the new autumn/winter collection, Carola Eckrodt uses stones such as landscape jasper, amazonite, rose quartz and chalcedony. Look forward to a genuine nature experience!

Artistic design reduced to its essence

Women all over the world cherish the GEOCUBE® line for its timeless design that suits every occasion. In addition there is a variety of exciting revisions and updates to the original from 1999. Lovely to see that so much potential was hidden in such a simple idea.