The GEOCUBE collection.
Designed by Carola Eckrodt.

It all started with four numbers: 2376 – Behind this unimposing item number hides the first piece in the GEO CUBE Collection, the timeless design classic from the COEUR DE LION workshop. The mother of all classics, one might say.

The appeal of the GEO CUBE Collection stems from a precise combination of clear shapes, vibrant materials and exciting contrasting colours. Thanks to its minimalist forms, the jewellery is able to play with even the most unusual colours.

New updates in multicolour, tone in tone
and everything in between.

For the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, Carola Eckrodt has reinterpreted the famous GEO CUBE classic with a number of exciting new versions. In the JOYFULCOEUR line, for example, with a thrilling combination of monochrome sapphire blue, terracotta and red to complement all sporty outfits and denim. In the ELEGANTCOEUR line, on the other hand, you will find delicate models which beautifully show off Carola Eckrodt’s sensitive use of colour to its full advantage.

Artistic design reduced to its essence

Women all over the world cherish the GEO CUBE line for its timeless design that suits every occasion. In addition there is a variety of exciting revisions and updates to the original from 1999. Lovely to see that so much potential was hidden in such a simple idea.