Elegant necklaces.
Handmade in Germany.

At COEUR DE LION, you will find elegant necklaces in the most beautiful colours – from tone-in-tone to multicolour, from classic and luxurious to exciting and casual. Every individual creation is handmade from high-quality materials such as fine Swarovski® crystals, Polaris or true 316L stainless steel.

Real highlights made from real gems

In the anniversary year, only real gems are used for this version of the GEOCUBE collection: haematite, agate, tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, onyx, rose quartz, amazonite, carnelian, amethyst and jasper are combined with Swarovski® crystals and 316L stainless steel for exhilarating effect.

A definite must-have:

COEUR DE LION is a synonym for fashionable designer jewellery of the highest quality. This is because we set especially strict standards for both the design, the development and the manufacturing of our pieces. A piece of jewellery from COEUR DE LION long retains its beauty. And we guarantee this with our seal of quality.