‘Have you got a favourite colour?’ - ‘Yes – this one. And this one. And this one ...’

Head designer Carola Eckrodt and Ina Brunk, social entrepreneur and face of the Autumn / Winter campaign, present the highlights of the season.

Carola Eckrodt has always strived to create wearable jewellery for women who appreciate special touches. For women who live life to the full and occasionally treat themselves to a piece of jewellery from COEUR DE LION. For women like the successful social entrepreneur Ina Brunk, who has had close, friendly ties with the COEUR DE LION brand for many years. That is why we thought it was only logical to make her the face of the COEUR DE LION autumn/winter campaign 2016. The campaign photo shoot in Berlin was a great opportunity for the jewellery designer and the model (or, should we say, fan?) to discuss the highlights of the new autumn/winter collection.

We hope you enjoy it.

‘It doesn’t matter whether jewellery is made from precious metals or not.’
‘All that matters is whether it looks good!’

Ina Brunk:
‘I just love this necklace. It’s ideal for anyone who might otherwise not wear anything bolder than a silver chain. I would urge any woman who looks good in shades in grey, for example, to find the confidence to wear this piece of jewellery. It really peps up an outfit – without being overpowering.’

Carola Eckrodt:
‘Yes, it looks good with a grey jacket, business outfits or that grey shift dress you’re wearing. It also goes well with elegant black and even shades of gold for formal occasions.’

Ina Brunk:
‘Almost like the necklace equivalent of a bow tie.’

Carola Eckrodt:
‘You could say that.’

‘It’s still about going back to basics.’
‘And what are the basics?'

Carola Eckrodt:
‘Above all, a piece of jewellery has to look good. It looks balanced if it harmoniously resolves a certain degree of contrast in its shapes, colours and materials. But it can still be really pared down. Just like this necklace made from 316L stainless steel and Swarovski crystals suspended from woven mesh. It looks great with your white jacket and silver top.’

Ina Brunk:
‘Yes. This outfit is casual yet chic on its own and can be worn through the day and into the night. But the necklace gives it that perfect finishing touch. It’s one of those pieces of jewellery whose impact really becomes clear when you’re not wearing it. Suddenly, you realise something’s missing.’

Carola Eckrodt:
‘To go with the necklace, there’s also a matching ring, earrings and this bracelet, which would look good with those rolled-up jacket sleeves.’

‘Is that enamelled metal mesh in semi-matt ultramarine blue?’

Ina Brunk:
‘These large pendants are definitely among the bolder pieces in the new autumn/winter collection 2016. I imagine they would appeal to women who want to depart from classic styling.’

Carola Eckrodt:
‘Or who simply want a splash of colour. With this pendant, I combined nightshade blue, fuchsia pink, rose, blue zirconia and haematite. The INTENSECOEUR line also features a colourway with gold topaz, olive, sage, chestnut and rose gold plus vibrant multicoloured sets. The bracelets in these lines can be worn individually or together.’

‘Can you explain the set philosophy in one sentence?’
‘Mix and match without a second thought.’

Ina Brunk:
‘I instantly fell in love with the double-strand mesh bracelets. You don’t have to worry about which ones go together. They all do!’

Carola Eckrodt:
‘Yes – the rings and earrings can be worn with anything too. Mix and match without a second thought. That’s the COEUR DE LION set philosophy.’

‘Do you know our classic design?’
‘Longer than I’ve known you!’

Ina Brunk:
‘The GEOCUBE collection is what impressed me about COEUR DE LION. It’s one of the few classic jewellery lines that aren’t made from gold or silver. I noticed these designs before I met you.’

Carola Eckrodt:
‘My first GEOCUBE collection went into production in 1999. I can even remember the article number: 1660. Now our best-seller, its shape has remained unchanged since 2005 and it has appeared in 88 colour combinations so far. Demand is unlimited for a classic that moves with the times.’

Carola Eckrodt, founder and creative director of COEUR DE LION

Carola Eckrodt became passionate about design at an early age. As a teenager, the young designer started experimenting with different materials and turning them into unusual earrings. In 1987, she and her partner Nils Eckrodt founded COEUR DE LION – a small company in Stuttgart where friends and acquaintances made the first pieces of jewellery based on her designs.

Now, the COEUR DE LION brand is present in more than 30 countries around the world. Carola Eckrodt’s collections have received multiple international awards, including recently the GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2016.

Ina Brunk, social entrepreneur

Ina Brunk is co-founder of the social neighbourhood network nebenan.de and co-founder of the charity Junge Helden e.V., which aims to raise awareness of organ donation. The initiative is a resounding success. Her supporters now include the actor Joko Winterscheidt and the politicians Daniel Bahr and Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Ina Brunk is passionate about making a difference with everything she does – and she’s just as passionate about aesthetic, elegant and stylish accessories, such as jewellery from COEUR DE LION – a brand which Ina Brunk has had close, friendly ties with for many years. We think that’s a good reason to make her the face of the COEUR DE LION autumn/winter campaign 2016.