Made with attention to detail.
And of genuine 316L stainless steel.

A small accessory can have a big impact: COEUR DE LION’s stainless-steel rings come in a whole host of colours, shapes and sizes. There is one to match every necklace, earring and bracelet set. Premium 316L stainless steel serves as the basis for all our rings.

Matching the necklace.
Available in all sizes.

As a fashion accessory, rings should be easy to take on and off – but they shouldn’t be too loose on your finger. Our stainless-steel rings have a slight convex curve on their inner edge, making them particularly comfortable. Our stainless-steel rings are available in sizes 52 (16,5 mm), 54 (17,3 mm), 56 (18 mm), 58 (18,5 mm) and 60 (19,3mm).

Genuine top quality.
Genuine Coeur de Lion.

Stainless-steel rings are also subject to our strict quality standards and are checked carefully. The COEUR DE LION signet on the outside of the ring is your guarantee of quality.

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At COEUR DE LION we are always striving to provide our customers not only with the most careful service but also with a particularly rapid service. From the very moment when you type “jewellery rings” or “buy ring” into your search engine. To help us optimise our online shop, we warmly welcome your suggestions for improvements. Contact us. We are always delighted to hear from you.