The Anniversary Collection.
The Essence of Carola Eckrodt’s 30-year history of design.

With the anniversary collection for Autumn / Winter 2017, Carola Eckrodt sums up COEUR DE LION’s 30-year history of design. In the FINECOEUR line, for instance, the designer makes greater use of genuine stones, which are combined with Swarovski® crystals and 316L stainless steel to create a thoroughly sophisticated range of jewellery.

The GEOCUBE design classic, which for the first time features a combination of amethyst, rose quartz, amazonite and onyx, is one of the highlights of this line.

Meanwhile, the SPARKLINGCOEUR range celebrates the enchanting allure of polished crystals from Swarovski® in all its facets. With her sensitive use of colour, Carola Eckrodt has used this material to create dazzling jewellery befitting of an anniversary.

On the subject of colour, many of the models are available in either subtle shades or contrasting, eye-catching combinations. The dominant colourways are carnelian red and denim blue, both twinned at times with a sandy beige and sherry brown.

Meanwhile, the tone-in-tone pieces make their own celebratory statement with combinations of either silvery-grey chrome and black or rose gold and midnight blue.

With her clear shapes and keen feel for colour, head designer Carola Eckrodt has succeeded in making COEUR DE LION one of the few brands which customers recognise instantly. Today the founders Nils and Carola Eckrodt look back at the past 30 years of successful company history.