May we introduce you to something special?

COEUR DE LION’s bracelets meet the highest standards – in other words, yours – in terms of shape, colour and material. Carola Eckrodt’s designs range from classic to elegant, from subtle to glamorous and from shades of one colour to a whole rainbow. Like all our jewellery, COEUR DE LION bracelets use nothing but high-quality materials: Fine nappa leather, Swarovski®crystals with shimmering finish or metallic mesh with enamel, to name just a few.

Lots of new colours.
Countless variations.

COEUR DE LION is introducing bracelets made from fine fabric mesh in 12 new colours to build on the huge success of its colourful metallic mesh bracelets in 2016. What makes COEUR DE LION bracelets so special is that they can all be worn in countless combinations – from classic GEO CUBE designs to the metallic and fabric mesh pieces. With 150 different styles currently available, our customers can rest assured that no one will be wearing the same combination as them.

and durable.

Bracelets are often put to the test, so it is particularly worth investing in excellent craftsmanship and high-grade, long-lasting materials. Bracelets from COEUR DE LION will look stunning for years to come and last just as long – as guaranteed by our quality seal.

A full set.
A perfect match.

Finish your outfit perfectly with a necklace or earrings from the matching set. We hope you have great fun trying them on, trying them out.